Statutory Accident Benefits Claims (No Fault Benefits Claims)

Pedestrians, bicyclists, children, passengers and drivers involved in a car accident may be entitled to many benefits including:

–       Medical and rehabilitation benefits

–       Attendant care benefits

–       Income replacement (or non-earner benefits)

–       Caregiver benefits

–       Housekeeping and home maintenance benefits

–       Lost educational expenses

–       Visitor’s expenses

–       Funeral and death benefits


When you are injured in a car accident there are potentially many types of insurance which are available to assist you during your recovery.  Some types of insurance include a no-fault automobile policy, a private or work insurance policy in addition to any insurance compensation which may be available to you through a lawsuit.

Each insurer requests that you complete paperwork within very short timelines.  If you have more than one type of insurance available to you then there are rules to follow about which insurance company receives your claims applications first.

Your accident benefits insurer may request a lot of personal information and records.  We ensure that insurance companies receive only that information which is required to evaluate your claim and nothing more.  Your insurance company may require you to attend an insurer arranged assessment.  Failure to do so may risk termination of your benefits. We assess the reasonableness of insurer requested medical examinations so that you are only assessed by the proper specialists.

If you would like to us to assist you with your claims for Accident Benefits then please contact us to arrange a free consultation.