Our Specialty

Insurance law is the only type of law we practice.  We can help you assess whether you have a potential lawsuit.  We ask the right questions and thoroughly investigate your claim to ensure that those persons or groups responsible for the accident are identified.


We practice personal injury law differently than most lawyers.  We offer something that many personal injury law firms do not provide their clients: we are part of your rehabilitation team and work with your treatment providers to understand your needs and pursue the appropriate resources.  We deal with the paperwork for insurance policies to ensure that dental, health, short and long term disability benefits are coordinated with accident benefits coverage.

We assist you with other applications such as EI and CPP disability benefits.  We take your instructions and represent you in all of these matters so you can focus on your rehabilitation.


We ensure that insurance companies receive only that information which is required to evaluate your claim and nothing more.  We assess the reasonableness of insurer requested medical examinations so that you are assessed by the proper specialists.


We provide sound legal advice and listen to your instructions.